Transform Boundaries & Earthquakes

    Transform boundaries move along each other. An example of a transform boundary is between the North American plate and Pacific plate. Those are in California. The stress that builds up transform plates and releases at one go can be very dangerous. Many transform faults are at ocean basins. Some even connect mid-ocean ridges and subduction zones. An example of another transform boundary is the Alpine fault of New Zealand that is on land. Plates are not being added to a plate or broken from transform plate boundary.

    When stress releases, earthquakes happen from transform plate boundaries. Many earthquakes originate along mid-ocean ridges. The earthquakes that are close or at land are dangerous. If it is close to water a tsunami can happen and huge damages will occur. The collision zones are the biggest problem for humans. If it occurs at subduction zones, it can be shallow to hundreds of kilometers deep. These cause damages because it brings up water. At continent collision zones, it happens over wide areas because the continents are shared below one another. An example is the San Andreas Fault in California is a transform fault. Earthquakes are sometimes called a quake, tremor, or temblor. Earthquakes are measured by its magnitude; earthquakes with a magnitude of 3 or less have basically no effect. If the magnitude is 7 or higher, then it can cause a lot of damage. The earthquakes main point of rupture is called the focus. Also, seismometers are used to measure earthquake waves, and seismograms are the written form of the earthquake waves. Earthquakes are recorded with seismograms.

    An example of a major earthquake lately and how the affects of it can be is the earthquake in Japan. It had a 9-magnitude earthquake. Some affects of the devastating earthquake are the property damages, nuclear radiation, deaths, and economic problems. Homes were destroyed and lives were lost in that horrible earthquake. Other countries were affected with prices of food and items going up and people without jobs. The nuclear radiation killed many people and made people ill through generations. Earthquakes can cause many problems in society.
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